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Leica ConX


Leica ConX is the cloud enabled solution that construction companies need to manage, monitor and share construction and survey data in real time everywhere.

Personnel and machines on the jobsite need to share the same data and stay in sync so work can be carried out effectively, on time and budget. Leica ConX is a web-based suite of tools that harmonises and simplifies the data handling for your machine control operations, significantly reducing your downtime.

TrAnsParancy On The Job Site

This cloud-based collaboration tool allows you to efficiently manage all your connected construction projects, including third party platforms, and share job-related data with all stakeholders. With Leica ConX, non-experienced users will be able to visualise and validate localised reference models, survey data and constructed data.

Leica ConX provides you the fast and easy-to-use web based suite of tools you need to get the job done quicker, more efficiently and to specification.


Leica iCON Site


Leica iCON site software offers you smart and customized positioning solutions for road construction and civil engineering applications. Improve speed, performance and accuracy when you’re enabled to carry out all positioning related tasks with just one easy-to-use software solution.

Improving your performance with intelligent software applications, workflow and an innovative software design, iCON site’s intuitive user interface provides you with highest accuracy and flexibility for your construction projects.

  • Easy-To-Use Interface

designed for construction professionals

  • Seamless Integration

Integrate with all iCON sensors and controllers

  • Exceptional Application Functionality

tailored for construction positioning needs

  • Seamless Data Integration

integrate iCON machine control portfolio and workflows

  • Complete CUSTOMIZed Solutions

to increase productivity by focusing on site relevant tasks


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