Machine Control


Using the Latest and Most Advanced technology from Leica Geosystems, our Qualified Team of Machine Control Specialists can Equip Your Machines to Lead the way into the New Generation of Grading and Excavation!



Boost Productivity and Performance with Leica's easy-to-use Grade Solutions.


Carry out Excavation Designs Accurately and Easily with Leica's Precise Excavator Control Systems.


Handle All Grading and Trimming tasks easily and Efficiently with Leica's High Performance Grading Stystems.


iCON Software

Increase Productivity and EFFICIENCY in Every Stage of Your Project with Leica's Intelligent Construction Software.

Leica MCP80

The Leica MCP80 machine control panel is the one-for-all machine control hardware solution for applications in heavy construction


See How CMES, Inc. Triples Productivity with Machine Control and Intelligent Construction

Meeting increasingly stringent demands for construction speed, accuracy and cost requires digitalization. Fortunately, technology advances make it easy for contractors to adopt intelligent construction approaches that have an immediate impact on the bottom line. Watch as Daniel Miller, Project Manager for CMES, Inc., a heavy civil contractor headquartered near Atlanta, GA, shares insights from his experience transitioning to intelligent construction.



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